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LEXIO, Feel nice to touch


LEXIO is well known for its tactility.

The luxurious cuboid tiles stimulate the senses of sight and touch as well as the sense of hearing with the lilting

sound when shuffled.

Thats why it is famous for a game worth collecting, not just a one-time-play game.


A set of LEXIO tiles consists of four suits - Sun / Moon / Star / Cloud - and each suit contains 15 tiles, numbered
from 1 to 15.

There is an image on the lower right corner of each tile which symbolizes the suit it belongs to, adding the visual

LEXIO Black and LEXIO White have the same rules and contents setting but differ only in color and design.


Now that the images are not just printed on the surface but put the colors on the engraved parts of the tiles,

the images can remain indelible even when shuffled.

Each of the tiles is so durable itself like stone that once you buy you can enjoy LEXIO for a very long time.

The LEXIO Original chip set used for LEXIO Original version are very light and portable. It is convenient to 
carry it while on a trip or other outdoor activities.
The LEXIO Plus chip set in the LEXIO PLUS versions contain iron inside, offering good auditory & tactile
experiences during play.
With the basic six kinds of PLUS chips - 1pt / 2pt / 5pt / 10pt / 50pt / 100 pt,
you can use them in most of the board games in the world.


Mahjong meets Poker

LEXIO is a game that uses luxurious cuboid tiles that remind of Mahjong of the East. So you can play just like

those actors & actresses in Asian movies. 

But since LEXIO uses the poker hands in the rules, it takes only a minute or two to understand the rules if you

know how to play poker.

Easy Rules, Quick Result, Various Strategies 

The basic rules of LEXIO are so easy that you can learn in two minutes. Every round takes less than 5 minutes

but you can use various strategies while playing, which will make you play again and again.

The rules are simple.

After being dealt the same number of tiles, players are supposed to play tile(s) in a certain way. When a player

gets rid of all the tiles, the round is over; and the player becomes 1st place.

It is a similar genre game to Greate Dalmuti or Tichu, and it features simple rules that you can quickly learn

because it uses poker hands to make a combination.

So if you know how to play poker, you can play in a minute; if you don’t know how to play poker still it does not

matter at all. You have a Reference card that you can check while playing!

Strong Motivating Point-Counting System

The highlight of the board game LEXIO s its unique point-counting system.
All the players can get points in LEXIO except for the last place unlike other games where only 1st place wins all.

The LEXIO chips will make it simple and easy to count the points.

Make or Break


The unique point-counting system; You can either win big or lose a lot more in a single round!
As you count the points, you will find yourself keep shouting out, “One more round!” 
That is one of the reasons why people spend hours playing LEXIO though it takes only a few minutes per round.

The best Korean board Game, LEXIO


In Korea, most of the board games in the market are Korean versions of those imported games from around the


LEXIO is the almost only Korean top-ranked board game among all the board games in Korea.

The LEXIO PLUS version, launched in May 2020, became the most-funded board game in Korean crowdfunding

history, surpassing all the other famous imported games.

LEXIO! We recommend this game to...!

Whether to kill time or stay up all night, whenever and for whoever like to play board games,

LEXIO is a perfect answer to you!



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